CareWhere GPS monitors: the Safety Belt and Portable Monitor

Peace of mind for you, non-intrusive care and simple to use personal alarm and location solutions for vulnerable people.

CareWhere products are unique because they put complete control in the hands of the carers.

  • By text message you will be able to find the wearer within seconds on your mobile phone or computer. No call centre is involved.
  • The Belt tells the carer when it is on, or if it has been undone. You will have absolute certainty that the wearer has it with them.

How does it work:

By phone

  1. Send a text to the CareWhere Safety Belt or monitor.
  2. The answer contains an internet link; open this to get the location.
  3. Your phone opens the mapping and shows you where the wearer is.

On your computer.

  1. Login to your CareWhere page.
  2. Send a location request.
  3. View the location and monitor the device if necessary.

It's as simple as that. Control at the most local level. Care in the hands of the carers.

Our system has many other unique features including extended battery life. For more details see "Why CareWhere is different". Or call us on 01442 877796.