CareWhere Ltd is a UK based product development company

Established in 2006, we take complex GPS location and communication technology and create practical, easy to use solutions for everyday life, delivered to your phone or computer. We did not start with a GPS tracking box to sell, but created our own technology, systems and consumer products based on what was required or asked of us. We have international patents filed for various aspects of our hardware and system and we own everything we do.

CareWhere products deliver the following:

  • Location, monitoring and live tracking data directly to a mobile phone and computer.
  • Notification that the device has been activated by the carer or user.
  • Alerts that a device has left or arrived at safe areas.
  • Extended battery life enabling typical recharging only once a week.
  • Practical, comfortable and portable, but robust and waterproof.
  • Emergency location alerts.

Our asset and vehicle security and location system will be available shortly.

CareWhere are based in the UK, where our design and manufacture takes place.
We export to a number of countries

For further information, please contact us directly.
CareWhere Ltd
Telephone: 01442 877796