Why CareWhere is different?

We believe that the carer should be in control.

Our safety technology is designed to provide a system to enable family, partners and carers to manage everything locally. Nobody likes the idea of being tracked by an anonymous call centre, or receiving an "emergency" call, when the person in question is perfectly safe on a routine trip to the shops.

Our system gives carers access to everything they need through their phone and computer.

  • The carer is the first contact point for any need the wearer has.
  • Alerts are sent from the device to the carer’s mobile phone or computer.
  • Carers are the people most able to decide if action is needed.
  • You manage and control all settings and safe areas.

A choice of device; Safety Belt or Portable Monitor.

The same technology in different forms.
If one doesn't work out, we will swap it for the other free of charge.

The Safety Belt.

  • The belt is unique in the provision of vulnerable person monitoring technology.
  • It is comfortable, discreet and unobtrusive, can be worn under clothes. Once it is on, the wearer forgets about it.
  • There is a “panic” button for the wearer sending an alert directly to carers.
  • The belt confirms by text it is on (connected) or off (disconnected).
  • Safe areas can be created for home or away at any time.

The Portable Monitor.

  • Is lightweight, waterproof and robust - the size of a small computer mouse.
  • Fits in a pocket, handbag, it can be used as a key-fob or attached to a belt.
  • Contains the same technology, including mobile safe areas set by text message.

Extended battery life

Our unique "ICYou" base station can be programmed to switch off the CareWhere monitors when the wearer is safe at home. This will extend the life between recharging to up to 5-7 days in typical use. When the wearer leaves home, it will switch itself on and start operating as programmed by you.

Our web based location panel.

You control what a call centre would. As part of our care package you get access to the device management and location panel.

This enables you to set up the device and manage the alerts for everyone involved in the care process.

Everything we do has been conceived, designed developed and manufactured in the UK.